Hello and welcome to the Kill Loot Repeat application site!

If you’re looking for a stable guild to call home, to progress in your WoW raiding career while having fun and believe you are right player for us, you should be able to find what you seek in our guild, so please take your time and read this short and informative post.
While we may not always have particular class spots opened, we are always keeping an eye out for good players

Before we let you fill out either our web or email form, please take a minute and read about what we expect from you and what you can expect in return from us!

What do we expect from new members?

  • Speak, write and understand English
  • Maintaining above 90% raid attendance
  • Dedication toward guild and members via helping, raiding or any other aspect of the game
  • Have a good connection and suitable computer to run WoW without problems
  • Have Mumble, and be able to listen to commands given (talking is essential at times for all raiders)
  • Maintain the costs of raiding – and wiping
  • To be active on forums and in-game, raid loggers won’t be staying here for long
  • Deep knowledge of your class, gearing and spec. Striving to be better in every aspect
  • Have friendly attitude towards guild and be able to tolerate jokes and criticism going your way
  • Have the mental capacity to understand basic mechanics, and when you mess up you are able to adapt and not to do so again.
  • If you get chewed out by a raid leader or get criticized by a fellow raider you don’t just emo out and Alt + F4. You take it like a man and, if justified, try to improve yourself.
  • Have PvE as your main priority. Skipping raids/being late because your arena team needs 3 more games is unacceptable, and will get you removed from the guild really fast

What we can offer you?

  • A guild with steady 20 man progress and full content clear experience since Molten Core whilst having fun => WoW Progress
  • Raiding 4 nights a week, Monday to Thursday from 19:30h time until 00:00h server time (GMT +1)
  • We sometimes do extend raids due to progress and we expect you do the same
  • When content is on farm, we clear everything within an evening or two, the rest of the raiding days are either off or we are organizing alt runs.
  • We will run and extra 1-2 days for the first two weeks of a new tier in order to carry out split runs for gear.
  • Very social guild in which you can learn and improve your game
  • A knowledgeable and helpful members roster with a wacky sense of humour that have been playing since the release of World Of Warcraft

Now if this all sounds good to you, there are two ways you can send in your application:

General Reply Time: 72 hours (This is an estimate – In some cases we might take longer to reply)
Our web form is the fastest and generally preferred way of applying ot us. Please take great care when filling it out and don’t leave anything out!
And be sure to leave a way of us contacting you – preferably email!

General Reply time: up to 72 hours (This is an estimate – In some cases we might take longer to reply)
The other way to apply to us, is to apply via email. We have an email form in place that needs to be filled out. Again, please make sure it is correct and complete!

On behalf of the whole Officer Team of Kill Loot Repeat, we’d like to thank you for your time and the best of luck with your application!

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