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Flame Leviathan 4 Towers [6/9 HM Down]

Wednesday, the 17. June 2009


We downed FL 4 Towers after the nerf – *joy*. Really easy now :(

4 Tower Flame Leviathan

+20 epeen Points!

Kill Movie:



update: Movie added!

I love the Smell of Nap…Saronite in the Morning! [5/9 Hard Modes Done]

Tuesday, the 16. June 2009

After 2 called off raids we finally managed to get General Vezax down in his hard mode form.
Sure as hell not for people who can’t move :P

I love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning

Movie Download:

Also, recruitment is still open so head over to our Recruitment Section and drop us an App!



Update: Movie added


Wednesday, the 6. May 2009

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new website of Kill Loot Repeat on EU-Sylvanas!

This site is far from complete yet and I hope you can bear with us!

We are working on it as fast as we can!



P.s: Don’t mind ze german here and there..